Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Small wonders

Went to Manchester Art Gallery yesterday and saw an amazing exhibition of paper art. Sounded unpromising. It's called The First Cut and features the work of a collection of artists working in, you guessed it, paper. Nearly all of the work was interesting and inspiring, particularly as paper is a bit delicate to work with — and the gallery was packed. Stand out artist for me was Sarah Bridgman. Unbelievable vision and skill, I loved it. The tiny scale of her 3D sculptures evoked a hidden underground world of puppet theatres, set designs and bygone printed ephemera. You'll have to see these in reality to appreciate just how diddy they are. Mind you I thought most of the work on show was pretty brilliant. One small downside though — the exhibition is not extensive enough. 30 minutes and you'll have been round twice!

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